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Behind every great coach, there is a Superhero Team Mom

Game snacks, picture packets and end of season parties simply wouldn’t go well or happen at all without our team moms. They are the VP of Operations and behind the scenes superstar supporting coaches and players throughout the season. Team Mom is a title that comes without pay, is often unnoticed and remains outside the limelight.

So why do so many moms want this job?

They want to give back and make their child’s experience the best that it can be. She wants to contribute her time and skills to the team, giving back to make the team experience the best that it can be for all the players, not just her own.

Team mom, we salute you, and say thanks for a job well done.

-Gresham Barlow Youth Baseball / Softball


We can't do it without you


Register as a team mom online, or contact [email protected] for additional information.

Nine ways to tell you are Team Mom material:

1. During your players’ first TeeBall Game, another parent asks
if there are snacks after the game. You remember seeing the 
post- game snack ritual at your nephews’ game last year.
Without a second thought, you spring out of your lawn chair
and run to the c
orner market to buy peanut butter cookies and
gatorade for the kids.

2. While at work, you are thinking....there MUST be a better way 
to organize the helmets!

You start a Pinterest board with all of your favorite quotes: 

     Baseball moms be like: White pants. My favorite.

     Home is where the heart is.

     There's no crying in baseball!

     Never let the fear of striking out,
                keep you from playing the game!


4. The coach mentions at the end of practice that pictures are Saturday. WHAT?*#@! You know some of the girls may wear bows in their hair and the team will not match!! You rally your fellow moms and decide which color and style of bow they will all be wearing. The next day, you head out to the fabric store and make them by hand.

5. In the store, you notice a huge sale on water bottles for only $.50 each and buy 12 of them. You spend 4 hours drawing each player’s name on a bottle with colored sharpie pens, hand them out to the players at the next practice and post a photo on your Instagram with the hashtag, #NoSleepDuringBaseball.

6. You have a lot of questions and wonder why the coach doesn’t communicate better with the parents. It certainly isn’t that hard to send an email once in awhile, right?

7. The coach asks if you will keep score at the first game next week. You don’t know how. No problem, you scour the interwebs to find and watch 4 You Tube videos on keeping a score and are ready to go Saturday.

8. You actually like love volunteering in the snack shack, making hotdogs and facilitating post-game candy and gatorade.

9. You love to watch them play and can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Bonus #10. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. 

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